Friday, April 29, 2011

Kali's Hourglass Chosen as Token "Steampunk Models" For Fashion Show

Asian Pop Culture Night  Fashion Show

When we first heard about the Crow Collection Asian Museum of Art having an Asian Pop Culture Night complete with a  fashion show, it was by way of a specific request on Live Journal for more people from the Steampunk sub culture to be a part of their fashion show.  They seemed to be getting very few requests, but we responded and sent (as requested) a picture of what we would be modeling for the show.  They asked us to come as their token "Steampunk Models for the show, which we agreed to do.  Keep in mind we had been a part of the Steampunk Subculture for a very short time, but have a great deal of experience fabricating and/or modifying special attire and performing on stage, so this was not too difficult for us.  In addition Radha worked as a model professionally some decodes ago, so I had her give me a few tips about presentation before the show.  It was actually a lot of fun.  We met a lot of other Steampunks, such as our Cook, Pennie Nevin, and some very Steampunk interested anime Lolita people, like our good friend Jen Wang, who actually won the contest portion of the show.  Pennie is now a part of our crew and Jen is part of Airship Nocturne.  As this was essentially our debut coming out of retirement back into the limelight, we thought at least a brief article was called for about it. 


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