Friday, April 29, 2011

Kali's Hourglass Starring in Steampunk Murder Mystery Play

The Difference Engine is an all “Steampunk” convention that has a one day event in the summer and a three day event on New Year’s Eve weekend.  This event will not only immerse you in the creative world of the retro-futuristic imagination, but it will be totally unique among Steampunk Conventions!  This will be the first ever interactive and all “Steampunk” Murder Mystery Theatre event!  the murder mystery play will be written adn performed by the crew of the Steampunk Sailing Ship Kali's Hourglass.

The first event will be “The Difference Engine One day Summit” on June 4th, 2011 where  “Delegates” (from sovereign nations),  “airship pirates”, and other “special interests” from around the world meet to try to purchase plans for a “Difference Engine” computer (historical device) with full military application software (fictional), so the weekend is guaranteed to be a Machiavellian playground!  All participants will be invited into the concert hall for “Meetings with the Admirals” five times during the event. (Each meeting will be one act of the murder mystery play!)  In between acts of the play, you will be enlightened by panels on a variety of topics related to Steampunk and entertained by performers offering dancing and song.  There will also be a large vendors area, console gaming, table top gaming, Steampunk Movies, photography in Steampunk Attire, and a full Steampunk Fashion show voted on by the attendees.  During all of this clues to the various murders will be left around the premises and those turning in the most useful reports or clues to security will win a prize for sleuthing.  Naturally if they actually lead to an arrest, a prize is guaranteed, otherwise, those turning in the most clues win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes.  After all of this and the conclusion of the play, there will be a dance!  Steampunk Attire is strongly encouraged, but optional.  

The second event, “The Difference Engine World Conference” on Dec. 30th, 2011 through Jan. 1st, 2012, will be similar in form, but will include a lot more panels, authors, and performers, including a performance by Marquis of Vaudville, and a little more formally attired Steampunk New Year’s Eve Party and Dance with a ‘Steampunk” ball drop at midnight.  We hope you will go to our website and see how you can become an active part of these fully interactive dramatic events!

The Difference Engine Summit Schedule

                 Concert Hall (200 cap.)       Lecture Hall w/A/V (100 cap. )      Training Room (50 cap.)       War Room (25 cap.)  

10 am     Registration and opening vendor,  gaming, and film rooms                

11 am     Act One and intro of delegates (open to concert hall)                       

12 pm     Intro to Steampunk ASI      Intro to basic Waltz              Character Creation-Cel Rogues                       (open)

1 pm     Comedic Magic act         Character Creation-Adena Tamer            Leatherworking ASI                  Eva Gordon-reading

2 pm     Act Two                             short films

2:30 pm     Weapon Mods ASI                    Dieselpunk-L. Amyett          Lighting Gadgets-Cel Rogues          OM Grey-Reading

3:30 pm      Saraswati Boddhisatva             Weapon/Gadgets- Steve Liptak            Corsets ASI                    Eva Gordon-writing

4 pm     Act Three         short films

5:00 pm     Tribal Belly Dancing                 SP Inventions-James Moran           Acting ASI?         Marquis of Vaudville Q&A

6:00 pm     Voodoo Island Cannibals         open to concert hall                    Clockpunk       OM Grey-getting published

7 pm     Act Four                                           open to concert hall      

7:30 pm     Fashion Show                          open to concert hall          
8:30 pm     Fashion Show                          open to concert hall                (open)

9:30 pm     Act Five and Conclusion                       

10:30 pm     Waltz                      open to concert hall          

11:00 pm to 2 am Dance with DJ “Son of Sam",                                            OM Grey – Reading (Steamy Romance)  
playing Darkwave, Steampunk, and various other dance music

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