Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kali's Hourlgass Recieves Fan Project Art

When the members of Kali's Hourglass, performance art and education troupe, and flagship of the Covenant of the Kraken Performance Art Network, first starting recieving Fan Project Art, frankly, we didn't know how to respond.  The first was, believe it or not, in true pirate fashion, a hip flask with a leather cover heavily embossed with, you know it, "The Kraken"!  Not only that, it was filled with Kraken Rum!   

We were speechless and didn't understand at first that he wasn't just showing it to us, but was actually giving it to us.  This first was a gift from John Wofford!  He was a bit confused, when, true to my Celtic Culture (and Native American Culture etc.) I offered to make him something of his choice in return.  He gave it to us at the First Difference Engine Steampunk Convention in June 2010, where we found ourselves in charge of the entire convention, while already committed to perform an elaborate Steampunk Murder Mystery Play throughout the event!

The second was a lovely colored pencil drawing by Joshua Bouton.  He gave it to us at Akon 2010, about a week later.  We just stared in awe at the drawing and he had to tell us repeatedly it was a gift for us.  That time we just gushed over how lovely his drawing was and how much we appreciated the effort.

The next came at The Difference Engine New Years Ball and Steampunk Convention for 2010-2011.  The was from John Wofford and  Alice Wofford.  John made more embossed Krakens, this time on large round leather medallions which we intend to attach to crew member's uniforms.  Alice and John together also made coffe cups painted with the tentacles of the Kraken working their way down the outside of the mug.  It seems they also do porcelain art - I'll attach a photo of their card. 

While some might find this a bit too bizarre to wake up to in the morning, we absolutely loved it!!!  Yes indeed, what better to get your eyes open from bleary sleep that the site of a baby Kraken slithering out of your mug of coffee as you drink it.  It was glorious!

In addition to that they included small baby krakens that gradually grow into much bigger karakens by simply placing them in water and watchign them grow day by day for our younger members of the crew.

Next we met an illustrative artist who drew excellent sketches of our characters from that event such as Commodore Charles Babbage and Admiral Radha Narasimhan.  These were drawn by Joseph Hernandez.

He is actually considering making graphic novels some day, so we are discussing the possibility of illustrating the extensive fictional backstories we already have for the Covenant of the Kraken.  The only thing they really need is more detail in the descriptive areas to make them a fully worked up tale, (right now they read like emotionally charged and adventurous entries in a Captain's logbook) but in a graphic novel, pictures will indeed say a thousand words, thus negating the need for such visual descriptions.   We will let you know if that actually comes to pass or no!

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